Bachelors of Science (Hons) in Occupational Therapy

Allied Health Professional Council (Registered)

Interactive Metronome Certified (IMC)

DIRFloortime® Certified


Conor earned his degree in Occupational Therapy from Trinity College Dublin in Ireland. He is registered with the Allied Health Professionals Council (AHPC) and is a member of the Singapore Association of Occupational Therapists (SAOT).

Conor’s clinical experience includes having worked with a range of children with developmental and learning difficulties including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Dyspraxia, Attention Deficit Disorder and speech and developmental delays. While working in the National University Hospital (NUH, Singapore) as an Occupational Therapist specialising in hand injuries; Conor had the opportunity to assess and treat children with various congenital conditions and traumatic injuries.

Outside of the clinical setting, Conor has been involved in different projects which reflect his commitment to the profession and his dedication to supporting child development. He independently devised and delivered a 5 week English language curriculum for approximately 50 children ranging from age 4 to 17 in rural Poland. Prior to graduating, Conor facilitated activity groups for children with physical and intellectual disabilities with the Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA).

Currently undertaking research in the area of client education, Conor has a strong belief in central role of educating clients and their families to achieve the best outcomes. This, along with his cheerful disposition makes him an approachable therapist allowing him to connect with clients and maintain open communication with their families.

A life-long learner, Conor is constantly updating his clinical skills and knowledge through courses, observation and reading current publications. Conor is proficient in the administration and application of the following treatment techniques which he has received training in:

  • DIR Floortime® Approach
  • Sensory intergration approach to sensory modulation and processing disorders
  • Interactive Metronome
  • Treatment for Sensory Defensiveness
  • Cognitive Orientation to Daily Occupational Performance Framework
  • Social Thinking Approach