"Vision, Attention and Learning"
by Dr Mitchell Scheiman

 Experts estimate that 10% to 15% of school age children have vision problems significant enough to interfere with academic performance. For children with learning problems, the figures are as high as 20% to 60%. And most of these children have passed the annual school vision screening. That is why it is so important for teachers, school personnel and parents to be able to spot hidden vision problems.
 Could your child be at risk?

Children with problems in tracking, focusing and eye teaming and visual perceptual skills may have some of the following symptoms and signs:
1. Number and letter reversals
2. Difficulty copying from the board
3. Sloppy handwriting
4. Inability to complete homework assignments in a reasonable period of time
5. Frequent loss of place when reading
6. Frequent careless errors
7. Eyestrain and headaches at the end of the school day and when reading
8. Poor attention and inability to concentrate when reading
9. Unable to sit still, difficulty staying on task for a reasonable period of time.


Designed to develop an understanding of the complexity of vision, its relationship to learning, and how to detect students with vision problems. Provides practical suggestions for taking care of children with visual and visual problems in the classroom and at home.

 The Speaker: 

Dr Mitchell Scheiman is a nationally renowned optometric educator, lecturer, author and private practitioner. He is the author of "Understanding and Managing Visual Deficits". Dr. Scheiman has a long and close relationship with educators and school-based occupational therapists. He works closely with these professionals in his practice, co-managing patients and has lectured on numerous occasions to parents, educators, and occupational therapists.

 He has specialized in vision therapy for the past 35 years. Dr. Scheiman is currently Director of Pediatric and Binocular Vision Programs at the Eye Institute and Professor of Optometry at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. He has written three books for optometrists covering the topics of binocular vision and vision therapy, pediatric optometry, and learning related vision problems and he has published over 130 articles in the professional literature. He is a Diplomate in Binocular Vision and Perception and a Fellow in the College of Optometrists in Vision Development
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