KIDZ - Occupational Therapy Consultants strives to provide the most effective and efficient method of service delivery to its clients through a very client centered approach in its intervention programs. An effective client centered practice involves a close partnership and team oriented approach that dictates that the child and all his/her advocates are involved in intervention.

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Therefore, therapists at this center will work with the child and his/her advocates to equip, enable and empower the client to gain the awareness, knowledge and skills needed to help the child grasp a firm hold on the skills needed for living. At KIDZ - Occupational Therapy Consultants, we believe the client is the child and all individuals that can be the child's advocate. This definition of client dictates that we will provide a method of service delivery that focuses on:

  • enablement
  • empowerment
  • advocacy
  • attainment

Treatment will continue to focus on attainment of skills, as this will allow the child to learn to be self-advocates of their needs. However, being truly client centered in practice does not and should not stop there. At KIDZ - Occupational Therapy Consultants, intervention will include, not preclude, enablement and empowerment of parents, through education, to be capable advocates for the child. This will ensure that parents become capable, discerning and educated advocates. Hence, effective treatment is such, a client centered team oriented approach.

To accomplish effectiveness of this approach, parents will be involved in every step of the intervention process and education will be of specific focus. Assessment findings, progress reports and intervention plans will be duly discussed to ensure appropriate carry over into home programs. Presentations and workshops for parents will be made available with the purpose of informing and equipping said party with the awareness, knowledge and skills needed. Parent support groups, discussion groups and newsletters will further enhance dissemination of information and knowledge.

Education, being the key to effective service delivery, also extends to the level of intervention provided by the therapists. We will ensure that the level of intervention is of quality unparalleled. This will be achieved by continued education of in-house therapists abroad.