Lesley Chew Wey-Lyn profiles


Bachelor of Science with Honours in Occupational Therapy
Diploma in Child Psychology and Early Education


Lesley’s aspirations to work with children developed early in her life, leading her to pursue a diploma in child psychology and early education followed by a bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy.

Her experience includes supporting children diagnosed with the autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder, attention deficit disorder and development coordination disorder, oppositional defiance disorder, dyspraxia, physical modulation challenges, anxiety, learning differences and social adjustment issues. Her field of work has seen her providing intervention via private practice, mainstream schools, early intervention centres, special education schools and community hospitals.

With constant collaboration with her mentor, our clinical director, her study and skill of sensory integration continues to evolve and advance, where the latest modalities infuse effective support for her clients. Her eclectic approach based on evidence-based techniques, include cognitive orientation to daily occupational performance (COOP), DIR/Floortime, the Social Thinking Program, Sensory Processing and Sensory Modulation, Astronaut Training, Interactive Metronome and Handwriting Without Tears. She prioritises tailoring sessions to suit specific needs of each and every client.

In addition to her career in occupational therapy, she continues to dedicate herself to supporting neurotypical and neurodivergent children in her church community. She believes that every child is entitled to experience life fully, regardless of their abilities or needs.

Essentially, having a sunny disposition and a positive outlook, Lesley’s natural affinity supports engagement with her clients. Henceforth, the therapeutic relationship is secure leading to the client’s intrinsic motivation and confidence in addressing challenges.