To provide quality client centered therapy services, the therapists of this company strive on continuing education to ensure that the most updated and best quality of care is provided to its clients.

KIDZ - Occupational Therapy Consultants also provides cross referrals with other disciplines to ensure that clients receive a comprehensive multidisciplinary intervention program.

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Services offered by the clinic will be of unparalleled quality and professionalism where clients can be assured of the best of rehabilitative care the Asia-pacific region can offer.

In the immediate future, the clinic will place specific focus on reaching the local community in Singapore providing consulting services to various clinics, schools and institutions. Clinic, home and school based intervention programs will be offered. Presentations and workshops will also be made available to ensure families are educated to make informed choices regarding intervention options. Support will be given through dissemination of information through workshops, newsletter articles and support groups.

KIDZ - Occupational Therapy Consultants will also assist community clinics, programs and schools to set up in-house programs that can be run by therapists, teachers and other paraprofessionals to allow more cost effective care. When established, children will receive care across all settings, not just in the clinical setting.